Engineering center

For over 20 years ‘Impulse’ Group engineering center has been specialized in design, fabrication and erection of heating, water supply systems, boiler equipment, sewage and water treatment systems. Graduated specialists perform professional engineering networks calculation and individual selection of necessary equipment. Competent heating and water supply systems erection has been performed with use of modern methods and accumulated experience.

‘Impulse’ Group engineering center develops and manufactures emergency module diesel boiler plants, having wide range of application at construction sites, allowing to shorten the construction terms and to increase finishing works quality in cold period. The center provides service, guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance of handed over objects.

Achievements by numbers

Over twenty research articles were published, the method for calculation of boiler emissions to atmosphere was developed, and further was approved by the Ministry of Natural resources and the Ministry of Power of the Russian Federation as a regulation material.
In 1996 ‘Impulse’ Group engineering center had constructed the first in Russia roof boiler plant.
During 20 years of the center existence more than 350 boiler plants all over Russia have been designed and put into operation.

Our trademarks

Specialized enterprise for project documentation development and construction of modern boiler plants.