Manufacturing complex

‘Impulse’ Group manufacturing complex was founded more than twenty years ago. The complex includes four manufacturing facilities for engineering heating, water supply and water treatment systems manufacturing.

The plant in Vladimir region is first in Russia automated manufacturing of diaphragm tanks and hydraulic reservoirs on own manufacturing base of ‘Impulse’ Group, fit with the newest European equipment with unique robotic welders. The plant manufactures the following products: diaphragm tanks, Westermat pressure maintenance stations, manifold boxes under Westermat trademark, polypropylene pipes and fittings under the ‘Aquatech’ trademark, anti-freeze liquids ethylene glycol based under the Nixiegel trademark and diaphragm tanks under impero trademark.

Plants for manufacturing of polymer products by rotational moulding are situated in Moscow, Rostov and Chelyabinsk regions. The plant in Davidkovo village in Orekhovo-Zuyevo region produces cast bodies of line water filters and assembly of 2nd and 3rd stage filters, new high-technology equipment for production of polypropylene cartridges is organized at the plant. The products are produced in accordance with the German technology by high-skilled specialists and meets the requirements of the world standards.

Achievements by numbers

for manufacturing of polymer products by rotational moulding
1st PLACE*
by the diaphragm tanks
manufacturing capacity in Russia
*according to annual data of
‘Litvintchuk-Marketing” for years 2017-2019.
Multi-level control system is applied at each manufacturing stage at the plant.

Our trademarks

Wester – the trademark combines key positions of ‘Impulse’ Group products range: diaphragm tanks, heaters, boilers, automatic pressure maintenance devices, manifolds boxes and systems, radiators, shut-up and control valves.
Under the ‘Aquatech’ trademark ‘Impulse’ Group has been producing vessels for water and fuel, local treatment plant units, plastic caissons, buffers and separating road modules. ‘Aquatech’ supplies pump and filter equipment for house of flat water treatment.
For 17 years ‘Impulse’ Group has been producing anti-freeze liquids ethylene glycol based for air conditioning and heating systems.
28 years of successful work experience at the market had let the company specialists to create a range of impero diaphragm tanks meeting the highest quality and reliability requirements.