The history of the development of GC «Impuls»

Learn about many years of successful development of GC “Impuls”

‘Impulse’ Group manufacturing complex in Balakirevo was awarded with certificate ISO 9001:2015 ‘Manufacturing of heating and water supply systems equipment’.

Manufacturing of all-cast counter flanges of composite material – glass- filled polypropylene was set up.

Manufacturing of new series of diaphragm tanks under the impero trademark was commenced.

Number of employees – 532 persons


Wester trademark products manufactured in Russia at ‘Impulse’ Group own plant became an explicit leader at the diaphragm tanks market (according to ‘Litvintchuk-Marketing’ agency data for year 2019).

3 branches of ‘Thermoclub’ retail network were opened in Orel, Saransk and Yaroslavl.

‘Impulse’ Group manufacturing complex in Davidovo village became a member of Rotational Moulding Association.

Number of employees – 517 persons


Wester diaphragm tanks repeatedly confirmed the leadership at the Russian market. According to ‘Litvintchuk-marketing’ agency, the market share of Wester tanks made 19% in year 2018.

Number of employees – 523 persons


Re-arrangement of commercial structure by business and products types was commenced.

Number of employees – 580 persons


Representation in Orenburg was opened.

Number of employees – 517 persons


Representations were consolidated by Federal districts, that has lead to 7.8% profit increase.

Number of employees – 773 persons


‘Aquatech’ plastic products manufacturing was commenced at new plant Miasskoe, Chelyabinsk region.

Number of employees – 792 persons


Wester manifold boxes manufacturing was commenced. Annual plant performance – 300 000 items. Apart from standard series of boxed 118 mm deep, boxes of following depth have been manufactured: 135, 150 and 180.

New branch of ‘Thermoclub’ retail network was opened in Shelkovo city.

Number of employees – 873 persons


In October the enterprise had celebrated the 20th anniversary.

Two new branches of ‘Thermoclub’ retail network were opened in Volgograd and Astrakhan. Wholesale warehouses were opened in Belgorod, Krasnodar, Surgut, Ulyanovsk.

‘Impulse’ Group launched on heating systems market a new equipment – stainless steel heater tank, manufactured as per ‘tank in tank’ technology – Wester WH250.

‘Impulse’ Group commenced the delivery of new Italian boilers Baltur STAR series to the Russian market.

Number of employees – 878 persons


Regional warehouse in Ufa was opened.

Tanks manufacturing with new, without equals in Russia, machine of German origin for extrusion blow moulding of large-size polymer products

‘Impulse’ Group became an exclusive supplier of high-quality Swedish equipment for automation and control systems ESBE in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Number of employees – 808 persons


Regional warehouse in Magnitogorsk was opened.

‘Wester’ diaphragm tanks were launched to the markets of Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Own manufacturing of pumping stations under ‘Aquatech’ trademark was commenced.

‘Impulse’ Group became ‘BAXI’ distributor.

Number of employees – 794 persons


Notwithstanding the world financial crisis ‘Impulse’ Group had maintained the leading position at engineering equipment market. Our products – ‘Wester’ diaphragm tanks had taken over 50% of the whole market in Russian Federation. Company representation in China was registered.

Number of employees – 768 persons


Regional warehouses in Kazan, Omsk, Volgograd, Stavropol were opened.

‘Wester’ diaphragm tanks manufacturing plant was opened in Vladimir region. The plant is the most modern and large among its class in CIS territory.

Number of employees – 780 persons


Wholesale warehouses in Pyatigorsk and Novosibirsk were opened. Plant construction in Balakirevo in Vladimir region was commenced.

‘Impulse’ Group had celebrated the 16th anniversary.

Number of employees – 875 persons


Second platform for manufacturing of polymer products by means of rotational moulding was opened in Rostov-on-Don.

Wholesale warehouse was opened in Sochi.

Commencement of ‘Aquatech’ products sale in CIS countries.

Number of employees – 870 persons


Rearrangement of the enterprise structure was performed.

New ‘Thermoclub’ store was opened in Rostov-on-Don – the most modern engineering store in Russia.

Number of employees – 850 persons


Regional warehouse in Krasnodar, ‘Thermoclub’ stores in Sochi and Barnaul, and ‘Thermoclub-North’ in Moscow region were opened. The retail network counts to 23 stores.

First participation as an exponent in foreign tradeshows (Kiev, Prague).

Number of employees – 1 100 persons


In 2003 at own manufacturing facilities in Moscow region, member of ‘Impulse’ Group, modern foreign rotational moulding equipment for rotational moulding of polymer products was put into operation. ‘Aquatech’ products range includes: vessels for water and fuel; local treatment plants units; mobile toilet cubicles; buffers and separating road modules.

Number of employees – 700 persons


In September the enterprise had celebrated the 10th anniversary.

Representations in Voronezh, Samara, Perm were opened.

Total capacity of industrial boiler plants constructed over year – 120 MW.

Exclusive contracts with Baltur company (Italy) were signed.

Manufacturing of polypropylene pipes and fittings under Aquatech trademark was commenced. The products have been manufactured in accordance with the German technology by highly skilled specialists and meets the highest requirements of the world standards.


‘Impulse-East’ branch was opened in Yekaterinburg.

Water treatment was included to main enterprise program.

Special publishing – ‘Aqua-Therm’ magazine was established. ‘Impulse’ Group publishing center has been issuing a professional literature on heat and water supply and treatment technologies.

Number of employees – 450 persons


Office complex construction in Petrovo-Dalnee was completed. First Russian heating systems online store was started. Chelyabinsk branch was opened.

Anti-freeze liquid manufacturing plant of 500 t/month capacity was put into operation.

IBRD bid for construction of 11 boiler facilities in Russian cities was won.

Number of employees – 382 persons


Number of foreign equipment suppliers – 57 (Germany, Italy, Sweden, Canada, China, France, Great Britain, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands).

Retails spots in Moscow: ‘Thermoclub-South’, ‘Alekseevskaya Thermoclub’ were started.

First in Russia modular boiler plant of 32 MW operational readiness was designed and constructed for RAO ‘Gazprom’.

Number of employees – 250 persons


Cooperation with RAO ‘Gazprom’ for construction of industrial boiler plant was commenced.

Construction of new central office in Petrovo-Dalnee was commenced. ‘Thermoclub’ retail spots establishment was started.

First in Russia training center for ‘Heating and Water Supply’ profile was opened.

Number of employees – 286 persons


Heating equipment wholesales department, service division and gasification department were set up.

Branches in Kiev, Minsk, Tolyatti, Novosibirsk, Nizhniy Novgorod were opened.

14 industrial boiler plants were constructed, among which 5 roof based plants.

Industrial base in Moscow region was acquired.

Number of employees – 123 persons


First in Russia roof boiler plant was constructed.

First in Russia heating equipment retail store was started in North-East of Moscow. Branches ‘Impulse-South’ (Rostov on Don), ‘Impulse-Neva’ (Saint-Petersburg) were opened.

Number of employees – 98 persons


9 industrial boiler plants of 61 MW total capacity were constructed.

Strategic partnership with ACV company (Belgium) – leading supplier of hot-water supply systems - commenced.

Number of employees – 67 persons


Heating equipment retail department, service division and gasification department were set up.

Participation in Moscow Administration Program for construction of Traffic Police departments.

Foreign-economic activity was initiated – first in Russia Atola household boiler manufactured by Viessmann, Germany was installed. The enterprise became a Viessmann guide in Russia.


Industrial boiler plants construction department was set up. First boiler plant of 40 steam tons was constructed at Cherkizovsky meat processing factory.


‘Impulse’ Research and Development Enterprise was opened. Enterprise sector – reduction of boilers pollutant emissions to atmosphere. Over twenty research articles were published, the method for calculation of boiler emissions to atmosphere was developed, and further was approved by the Ministry of Natural resources and the Ministry of Power of the Russian Federation as a regulation material.

1990 - 1991

Enterprise engineers participate in development of module and roof boiler plants construction concept. Manual for roof boiler plants designing was first developed in the Soviet Union and in Russia by the technical council of leading specialist of research and development and design organization working in the scope of boiler plants.